Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day "Weeknd" ... NEW Earned It Remix!

Happy Memorial Day Weeknd... Just in, for my true gems first... as per your request, the remix to The Weeknd's Earned It.  Enjoy!

Earned It (Remix)
Looks like you’ve formed a bad habit (oh yeah)
I feel so sorry so sorry for you
Cause you’re so consumed
Hey hey
And now ya breakin all the rules

Boy I hate when you call unexpected
You’re behaving like it's an obsession
When I don’t care for you you you
I don’t care for you you you you you
You don’t deserve me
When I was ready
You over worked me
When no one's perfect
You ain’t worthy, you aint' worth it...

Expectations make me panic, oh yeah
SO I don’t pay it, don't pay it no mind
I’m used to the lies, hey, hey
And I can’t afford the time

Boy I hate when you call unexpected
You’re behaving like it's an obsession
When I don’t care for you you you
I don’t care for you you you you you
You don’t deserve me
When I was ready
You over worked me
When no one's perfect

You ain’t worthy, you aint' worth it...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BANG, BANG Jane the Virgin!!!??

Random, but so fun.  I can officially say I am a credited publisher, an associate producer, writer... Even helped design the graphics for hip hop's classic lyricist, Doc Ice on his new record "Bang."

While his current single "Ghetto Baby" is hitting media base at Top 100, you can catch the song featured on CW 11's hit prime time show, Jane the Virgin 11/24.  His new single Bang will be available everywhere on 11/24 as well.  SOOO... You might wana also stay tuned for a rare dub step mix of "Runway" featuring Doc Ice coming soon, in the meantime check out some BTS footage of our collaboration.

#Bang #DocIce #TheCW #JaneTheVirgin @PremierEntGroupPromo @JaneTheVirgin @HereIsGina @theredstarline @melissablive 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well Well Well... Got another single circulating and generating some noise as we get ready for the official release of #Ascension.  Make sure you stop by iTunes and check it out, it's called "I Can Dig It" and can be found by clicking >>> I CAN DIG IT!!

"I Can Dig It!" was a previously unreleased song I worked on with Channel Orange producer Malay.  We met through a mutual songwriter friend and after a weekend of making some dope music for an australian artist he was working with, he offered me a track for my own use.  I took it and RAN with it. Bumped it at my apartment in Harlem, turned on my home recording setup and created this mostly off the top of my dome.  I had just gotten out of a relationship and was out partying like nobody's business, avoiding my emotions.

For those who haven't been following closely on FB, IG and twitter, my Grammy membership has been APPROVED and I received a surprise notice from SAG-AFTRA explaining that the work I contributed to Kanye West's album qualifies me to become a member of the union.  They used words like "rights of passage" and "professional status" and I just CAN'T WAIT to see what the union has to offer.  Does anyone have any feedback about joining the union?

Anywho, thank you to all for your support, for following, reading, encouraging, reposting, hashtagging, downloading and believing in the gift God has given me.  Until the next milestone.

xoxo - Ruby
Franky Ocean and MALAY in a zone!!
Photo Credit: Complex Magazine
Ruby Rubero - I Can Dig It
"I Can Dig It" Cover
Photo by: Jeffery Ettridge Photography
Wardrobe:  Jenx'd International

Saturday, September 13, 2014


So, I am back on my grind.  On Thursday, September 11th, 2014 I officially began to promote the sale of my release "Back 2U" off of my first EP Entermission.  I've been getting a lot of good responses, love and support and I am so grateful.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, please stop by the iTunes store or click this link >> The song is also available via most digital music stores by searching Ruby - Back 2U. GET IT! GOT IT? GOOD!!

"Back 2U" has already been picked up by a few radio stations simply overnight and we haven't really thrown a full campaign behind this yet.  Check out my interview on Blaze Indie LA with DJ Impress and crew via

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#WeeklyGem Be Other-centered!

#TEAMGEMS, follow your intuition at ALL times.  Become acquainted with that inner what-you-ma-call-it that speaks to you and tells you when something is naturally for you.  Then... understand that what is for you, is really not yours... it is meant for OTHERS.  Your gifts are simply that.  Gifts to be given AWAY!  Within every opportunity, every blessing that God has given you lies an opportunity to touch the life of somebody else.  So think about, how are you making this happen in your life?

I do not work hard to brag.  That does not fill my soul.  But what does?  It's knowing that our experiences can be used to inspire others into fulfilling their purpose.  I am far from perfect.  Flaws?? Goodness, I have so many.   The great news is that in this present moment, we have constant opportunities to make better decisions and take our lives in a different direction.

Since I decided to make that change and believe in my potential; ever since I decided to REMEMBER who I am, many seeds that I have planted throughout time are beginning to sprout. So please, get motivated.  Get in alignment and move forward.  Get back in touch with who you are.  I plead with passion.

Follow the journey via my blog and/or website

All my love,


P.S.  My certificate re-print came in the mail today... I'm feeling the excitement all over again.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

#OMGRUBY forms partnership w/ National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and moooore...

I am not going to lie... for the past few months, since the last time I posted, I took a slight detour to close up some loose ends and really dig deep far and wide for new material, opportunities and partnerships.  I also took some time to help and mentor others pursuing similar endeavors.  This was a scary process for me.  My single "Runway" had a great momentum going and to have to step away from that was extremely difficult.

Change is NEVER easy, but I understood in order to grow what I had worked so hard on, I had to end previous partnerships that were toxic to my creativity both in my professional and personal life, which takes time and is easier said than done.  Especially when people cling to you, don't know how to let go or make the process of moving on harder.  I would compare this to what I imagine a married couple goes through during divorce when one partner has moved on, but the other refuses to separate.  DRAINING to say the least and quite imprisoning, but now I AM FREE!

All in all, God has been good and faithful to me, while providing little reminders here and there which prevented me from going too far off track.  Two weeks ago, I received my very first accolade!!!!  I have read about celebrities commenting and saying they do not do music for recognition, but SH*T, HONESTLY?  It feels so good to work hard at something you love and see fruits from your labor.  I don't know what THEY talking about, lol.  Take a LOOK below:

So, all that hard work I did with the choir last year for J. Cole and Kanye West? Well, #YEEZUS received a nomination and though he did not win, we still got this really cool Grammy Certificate as contributors to the album.  This opportunity also opened doors to become a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences as I worked closely with their membership director.  A good friend of mine and well known producer/engineer Devine, put us in touch when he saw the damage done by FedEx during delivery.  He suggested I speak with someone and get it reprinted and drafted up the email trend to take care of this ASAP.  As we speak, my new certificate is on its way and doors are opening to a network I have always wanted access to.  GOD IS GOOD!

MY EP #ASCENSION is almost done.  Since I will be releasing this independently, my team and I have been considering doing some crowd funding for the project.  There is just ONE problem with that.  I hate asking people for stuff! Lol.  Smh.  As I am very close to the finish line, I can imagine how some of you might be frustrated with me because I went on a hiatus, but I really just needed some time to purge and let go of things that were not fitting.  In the meantime, while I am finalizing bits and pieces here and there, pray for me please!  Also, check out this new acoustic cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" by clicking on the image below from my heart to yours.


I have some photo shoots and other events coming up real soon that I would love to share with you.  In the meantime, take a second to answer below and let me know if I started a kickstarter page or something similar to that effect, would you truly be a #GEM and support or nah?  Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Yours truly,

Monday, December 16, 2013

#GRAMMY Amplifier Contest

Hey guys.  I just submitted the first song I ever wrote ("4ME") to the Grammy Amplifier contest.  For those who do not know about it, winners get an opportunity to be professionally mentored by an established industry figure.  The object of the contest is to get your song "Amplified" and this is done by simply visiting my Grammy Amplifier page and sharing this on any of your social media sites.  So please, to everyone who has been supporting me thus far VISIT THIS LINK and "Amplify" it to Facebook or Twitter, ASAP... It will not take long.

I also encourage all of my musician friends to make a submission.  Good luck! Love you guys... xoxo